Article, Atlanta Daily World, Sunday, October 26, 1975:
Four Generations of Hubert Family Enjoy Reunion
From Profile of a Black Heritage
by the late Dr. Lester F. Russell

Four generations of descendants of Zack and Camilla Hubert, pioneer Black couple, gathered in Atlanta, GA recently to renew family ties. The event coordinated by fourth generationers, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Haskins of Philadelphia, PA, took place at the Howard Johnson Motor Lodge; and family members spent memorable hours reminscing, relaxing, and enjoying varied pleasantries.

Special events of the weekend included a sight-seeing tour of Atlanta, a cocktail party at the palatial home of Dr. Clinton Warner and a visit to the old home community in Hancock County, where the family members attended church services and enjoyed a barbecue dinner prepared in their honor by community residents and served at The Log Cabin, a community memorial founded by members of the Hubert family.

The only surviving son of the Zack and Camilla, Theodore Hubert of New York City, inspired the clan as they went about rediscovering their roots and planning for the future. Children of seven sons and five daughters of Zack and Camilla Hubert and their families in attendance were:

    Mrs. Jeanette Whatley, Drs. Johnson Hubert, Willis Hubert, Clinton Warner, and Ross Douthard, Atlanta, GA
    Wilson Hubert and Hubert Reeves, Savannah, GA
    Mrs. Marilyn Smith, Tallahassee, FL
    Mrs. Ophelia Taylor, Hampton, VA
    Mrs. Mamye E. Russell, Farmington, NJ
    Mrs. Beautine DeCosta, Baltimore, MD
    Mrs. Roslyn Blakeney and Mrs. Edna Hubbard, Philadelphia, PA
    Mrs. Thelma Smith, Chicago, IL
    Richard Griffin, Benjamin Hubert and Dr. James Hubert of New York, NY.

Seventy-one family members in all participated in the historic event and out-of-towners were thoroughly taken with the cordiality of Atlanta, where upon their arrival at the airport they were greeted with a message emblazoned on the marquee reading:

"Welcome Hubert Family!"

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