Benjamin Franklin Hubert

Benjamin Franklin Hubert, like his bothers John Wesley, Zachary Taylor, Gaddus Johnson and James Henry before him was born in Springfield and became a graduate of Morehouse College, in Atlanta, Georgia. He did graduate work at Amherst Agricultural College and the University of Minnesota.

Upon leaving the University of Minnesota, he spent several years at South Carolina State College, Orangeburg, South Carolina, as Director of Agriculture and Agriculture Extension; and supervisor of Vocational Teacher Training work. During World War I, he served as a special agent for the American Army Corp as Director of Agricultual Instruction among Black soldiers in France.

After World War I, Benjamin served at Tuskegee Institue as Chairman of the Department of Agriculture. From that position, around 1930, he was called to the Presidency of Georgia State College (now known as Savannah State College), Savannah, Georgia where he remained until he retired in 1945.

Upon retirement, Benjamin returned to his beloved Hancock County, where he devoted his time and energy to managing his huge farm, which comprised of more than one thousand acres; and raising a herd of cattle which consisted of several hundred Herefords. he also supervised operation of the Log Cabin Center, a project which he and his brothers founded.

Education and land were the stimuli of Benjamin Hubert's life. He was always comfortable and confident when discussing either subject. He never married, but was the "father" to many children whom he helped to educate by finding jobs for them or giving the work while they were attending college at Georgia State College. He employed many of them out of his personal funds.

Bejamin Franklin Hubert died at Springfield, Hancock County, Georgia in 1959.

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