After a sizzling debut at the Sundance film festival at the beginning of this year, director Maurice Dwyer's urban opera finally pitches up on the web. Refreshingly free of 'pimp and playa' posturing, it simply features a hapless boy (the Mark) who gets sucked into a wild chase for his life across Harlem after a trio of hoodlums catch him on the wrong turf. What kicks this tough little movie up several notches from the merely realistic is the audacious decision to marry his heart-pounding pursuit and capture with the incongruously lush, lounge crooning of Constance James. Combined with the whiplash final twist in the tale, it creates a satisfyingly off-kilter experience that confounds the viewer's expectations at every turn. Miss it at your peril.

The Guardian Film Review - January 2006

Nominated for the Best Song/Soundtrack for a Motion Picture
in 2003 for a Pixie Award