The Camilla and Zack Hubert Foundation

Camilla and Zack Hubert, 1925
Camilla and Zack Hubert, 1925

The Mission

The Camilla and Zack Hubert Foundation was formed in 1977. The two main purposes of the foundation are to promote qualified educational institutions in the State of Georgia that are primarily devoted to the educational training of black people; and to encourage the preservation of the history of Black families, their accomplishments and contributions to the American way of life in Georgia.

Foundation Trustees
Leola E. Hubbard, Chair
Beverly Bennett, Vice-Chair
Jamie Hubert, Financial Officer
D. J. Smith, Trustee
Sally Warner, Trustee

Foundation Officers
Leola E. Hubbard, President
D. J. Smith, Vice-President
Clifton E. Hubbard, Jr., Treasurer
Jamie Hubert, Assistant Treasurer
Beverly Bennett, Secretary
Yvonne Haskins, General Counsel and Parliamentarian
Mamie H. Russell, Historian

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