Gaddus Johnson Hubert

Gaddus was a graduate of the School of Religion, Morehouse. After graduation he became pastor Gleen Street Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia; and remained there for several years. Later he pastored Metropolitan Baptist Church, Columbus, Georgia; and Tremont Temple Baptist Church in Macan, Georgia. In his late years he became pastor of Springfield and New Hope Baptist Churches in Hancock County, Georgia.

Gaddus married Pearl Park, principal of an Atlanta Public School. To this union were born three boys and a girl. The oldest son, Dennis Taylor was killed in 1930 by seven white hoodlums, while playing in a public park. At the time of his untimely death, Dennis was a student at Morehouse College. All seven man were convicted of the murder and were sentenced to serve time in prison, which was an unusual decision for Atlanta courts during that time period.

Gaddus Johnson Hubert died at Springfield, Georgia in 1952.

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