Jency Hubert Reeves

Jency Hubert Reeves graduated Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia. While at Spelman she met Alfred Randolph Reeves, a student at Atlanta Baptist College. In 1898, they married.

Around 1900, the Reeves moved to Arkansas where Professor Reeves taught at Arkansas Baptist College. After four years, they went to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where Professor Reeves served on Arkansas State College faculty, until the early 1920's. The Reeves moved to Jackson College, Jackson, Mississippi where Professor Reeves became Academic Dean under the presidency of his bother-in-law, Zachary Taylor Hubert. The Reeves remained at Jackson College until Professor Reeves died in 1931.

In 1934, Jency returned to her native Georgia and gained employment at Savannah State College (formerly known as Georgia State College), which was under the presidency of her bother, Benjamin Franklin Hubert. As Educational Supervisor of black teachers under aegis of the Jeanes Fund, a philanthropic fund which has as its objective improving the quality of teaching among black teachers, Jency travelled throughout the State of Georgia and conducted numerous seminars and workshops in the performance of her duties over many years. In 1954, she retired from her position at Savannah State College due to a stroke. She died in 1958.

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