A Personal Glimpse In Retrospect
From Profile of a Black Heritage
by the late Dr. Lester F. Russell

It is inconceivable that a man born into the adversity of slavery could possibly do such a remarkable job at "bootstrapping" as Zack Hubert did. His accomplishments cause one to wonder what makes a man as Zack with so little physical and other resources to draw from, forge ahead and make such a big contribution to society, when many others far more advantaged have contributed so little.

It appears that the big difference is motivation, the impellent of his behavior which pushed him to transform his simple objectives to reality. Whether he was born with motivation or acquired it after birth is neither known nor important. The important thing is that he kept on trying and pushed on to new and greater heights. What about those difficult goals he set up and accomplished, of buying land, organizing a farm, building a school and a church, and raising and educating twelve children. All were major feats of accomplishments.

Certainly, there were many occasions when Zack was overwhelmed, but he never accepted defeat. It was his firm conviction that defeat was related to death. He felt that no man should admit defeat as long as a breath of life remains.

All the time Zack was moving to higher plateaus he was structuring a heritage. He built it with a solid foundation and his heirs have caught his spirit and continue to build on it.

When one considers that this black family traverses less than two centuries, a scant period of time, their accomplishment are indeed amazing. It is almost a certainty that Doctor Robert Russa Moton, were he alive today, would categorize the Huberts as being among the truly great American families.

Certainly there have been many among the rank and file who came out of slavery and accomplished many things worthy of note, but of this man whose deeds and accomplishments are ineffaceably imprinted on the sands of time through the great heritage he bequeathed his heirs. It is hoped that this record will serve to inspire all who have a prideful tradition, to carry it on, and those who have not , to start structuring one now.

To Be Continued.........