Profile of a Black Heritage: A Synopsis
by Leola Hubbard

In 1977 the late Dr. Lester F. Russell published the book Profile of a Black Heritage. In this book he chronicles the origin of a major African-American family. Not only does Dr. Russell discuss the slave family, but he provides significant information about the slave owner and his family.

Benjamin B. Hubert, a French Huguenot, arrived in Frederick County, Virginia in 1764 to establish a farm. In 1785, he moved to Warren County, Georgia with his family and slaves. Two generations later, Hiram Hubert (a grand-son of Benjamin) fathered a daughter, Jincy, with a slave girl named Phillis, whom his father Matthew had purchased. Jincy later "jumped the broomstick" with Paul (a slave) and thus began the "Black Hubert" family.

The Paul Hubert family was still on the Hubert plantation at the time of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. They chose to remain there until they were financially able to strike out on their own. Then, with a bale of cotton given to them by their now "former master", and with his assistance in obtaining rental land, they left the Hubert plantation. Eventually, they moved to neighboring Hancock County, and became the first African-Americans to own land in Central Georgia.

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