A Living Monument
From Profile of a Black Heritage
by the late Dr. Lester F. Russell

After having arranged for continuing operation of the Hubert farms, Benjamin returned to Tuskegee Institute and commenced formulating plans for the long range development program for Springfield. In 1930, he organized the Association for Advancement of Negro Country Life and became Executive Secretary. The Organization was started solely for advancing life at Springfield. Some initial members of the association were: George Foster Peabody, Miss Caroline Hazard, Dr. William Kilpatrick, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt.

Camilla - Zack Log Cabin Community House
Camilla - Zack Log Cabin Community Center (circa-1932)

Camilla - Zack Log Cabin Community Center (Oct-1996)

The Community Cooperative Store
The Community Cooperative Store

The first year the association was founded, work was begun on two buildings, a community center and a store. Both were completed in 1932, at which time Benjamin F. Hubert was President of Georgia State (now Savannah State College) Industrial College at Savannah. In 1933, work was started on a canning factory, health center, teacherage, dairy farm, boys camp, cafeteria, farm shop building and swimming pool. By late 1934, all of the buildings were finished and the entire project was dedicated to the memory of Camilla and Zack Hubert.

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