Theodore Hubert

Ted was the youngest of the twelve Hubert children and he was the last to survive. He followed family tradition and graduated from Morehouse, with a degree in French Literature. He also earned a master's degree from Columbia University. He was employed as Professor of History at Morgan State College, leaving that position to work as a supervisor in the French department of the U. S. Postal Service until his very early retirement.

Ted and his wife, Roberta Bosley, lived in New York City for many years, with Ted mostly pursuing the life of a gentleman at leisure. She was involved in many, many community endeavors. She organized teas and fashion shows, did public relations for a very popular cosmetics company. He owned several tenement buildings and concentrated much of this time on managing them.

Known for his keen sense of humor, Ted spent much of his time with nearby family members and pursuing "small games of chance". Poker was his favorite game.

Ted and Roberta died a short time apart, with Ted passing first, in 1990. They had no children.

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