Zacharias (Zack) Hubert

Zacharias (Zack) Hubert was born in 1846, in Wilkes County, Georgia. In the aristocratic sense, he was a man of low ancestry as he and his forebears were slaves. In the humble sense, he was a man who was anointed by God and places on the earth to share his love and kindness with mankind.

When we consider Zack's ancestry and early life, we are both enlightened and astounded. We are enlightened because we can see in his humble origin the source of his empathy and concern for his fellow man. We are astounded because due to the despicable slave environment into which he was born we can not definitize the necessary inspirational stimuli to cause him to achieve as he did.

Zack Hubert was determined to establish a heritage and dedicate his life to that objective. It was his philosophy that all people should develop both their hands and minds in order to grow and move ahead in life. He insisted that his twelve children live by this philosophy by requiring them tp attend college and work on his large farm during vacation periods.

This upstanding man, who spent the first twenty-one years of his live as a slave, pioneered to become the largest property owner in centeral Georgia, perhaps all of Georgia. Between the end of the Civil War, in 1865, and 1926, when he died, he amassed a land fortune in excess of $100,000. Two of his sons became college presidents, one a college professor, another a high school principal, and still another Executive Secretary of the New York Urban League. All of his daughters became educators.

Zacharias, as was his predecessor, Zacharias the priest in the days of King Herod, was a prince of a man.

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