Profile of a Black Heritage: A Synopsis
by Leola Hubbard

This rich legacy was bequeathed to following generations. Currently, there are eight medical doctors; four attorneys; computer analysts; school teachers; college professors; program directors; other professionals. There are several young people currently enrolled in college.

Education, indeed, has been an important part of this great Black American family. In 1977 a non-profit organization, the Camilla and Zack Hubert Foundation, Inc., was formed. The two main purposes of the foundation are to promote qualified educational institutions in the State of Georgia which are primarily devoted to the educational training of black people; to encourage the preservation of the history of Black families, their accomplishments and contributions to American life in Georgia.

The Hubert family has been mentioned in several books, newspaper articles and other publications. They include the Readers Digest (an article by Dr. Robert Russa Moton in about 1925); in the book, A Remarkable Negro Family (reprinted from the Southern Workman in 1925); in The Negro Family in the United States, by E. Franklin Frazier in 1939; in The Story of John Hope by Dr. Ridgely Torrence in 1948; and most recently, in The Way it Was in the South: The Black Experience in Georgia by Donald L. Grant and Jonathan Grant. Currently, Profile of a Black Heritage is being updated to include the most recent generations.

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