A Living Monument
From Profile of a Black Heritage
by the late Dr. Lester F. Russell

Immediately following their father's funeral, the children held a meeting and discussed the pros and cons of maintaining and farming the vast Hubert acreage, and ways and means of furthering the growth of their beloved Springfield. It was agreed to maintain and continue farming the land and to initiate other projects to stimulate community growth. One family member advanced the idea that the children should work closely with the community in an attempt to develop those projects they felt were most needed. The idea was acceptable to all of the children.

Before departing Springfield, several of the children met with community representatives and told them they had decided to keep the land and continue operating their farms. They also told them of their decision to initiate action to develop long range plans for enlargement of the school and building of a community center, recreational building, cafeteria, parsonage, canning factory, farm shop building, boys camp, swimming pool, teacherage, health center, and dairy farm. Benjamin Hubert who was then teaching at Tuskegee Institute, volunteered to direct the project. He promised the community that with their help he would make Springfield a place of which they would become very proud. Community members assured him of their assistance.

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