A Living Monument
From Profile of a Black Heritage
by the late Dr. Lester F. Russell

Educators, writers, and leader from all walks of life who have witnessed the demonstration and experiment in central Georgia have been outspoken in their praise of Springfield Community. The late Dr. Kelly Miller, former Dean of Howard University, Washington, D.C, said in an article in the Washington Tribune in September 8, 1934: I have just taken a knee deep trip into Georgia. The object of this visit was to attend a session of the "Log Cabin" community center in Hancock County. This enterprise is the outgrowth of pioneer enterprise of three Hubert brothers who migrated to this locality shortly after the Civil War. Being unable to buy land in the adjoining county because of restrictive policy, they migrated across the line to a more liberal community in quest of the ownership of land. By hard work and frugal habit, the land in a short time was paid for.

I do not recall seeing such a large gathering of Negroes recently, except at the Elks Convention. The estimated number ranged from three to five thousand. They came in automoblies, trucks, farm wagons, on horseback and afoot to the alluring center of Negro Social life. The chief aim has been to develop a demonstration and social center, on an inexpensive scale, where county folk may lead sound, sane and self-satisfying social life.

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